Scientists develop new catalyst for hydrogen production

Scientists develop new catalyst for hydrogen production

Scientists from Kyushu University and Kumamoto University in Japan have developed a new catalyst capable of assisting three key reactions for using hydrogen in energy and industry.

Inspired by three types of enzymes in nature, the research hopes to help discover unknown relationships among catalysts, therefore, paving a way for the efficient use of hydrogen.

In the study, the researchers highlight that the one of the key factors for establishing hydrogen as a next-generation energy source of the development of catalysts.

The research explains that catalysts play a role not only in splitting hydrogen molecules to generate electricity in fuel cells but also in putting hydrogen atoms together to form fuel.

“Looking closely at key structures of the three types of hydrogenase enzymes in nature, we were able to design a molecule that could mimic all of these structures depending on where hydrogen attaches to it,” said Ogo, Professor of Hyushu University’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

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