MHI, partners to establish hydrogen value chain with ammonia plant

MHI, partners to establish hydrogen value chain with ammonia plant

A deal has been signed between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) subsidiary MHI Asia Pacific (MHI-AP), Jurong Port, and JERA Asia that will see the partners working together to establish a 100% ammonia direct combustion power plant on Jurong Island, Singapore.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will involve exploring the potential for setting up a 60MW (megawatt) class gas turbine combined cycle plant fuelled by 100% ammonia to produce carbon neutral electricity.

An efficient carrier of hydrogen, the generated ammonia could also encourage the adoption of hydrogen in Singapore.

What makes ammonia a good hydrogen carrier?   

In contrast to other forms of chemical storage, ammonia is the only carbon-free hydrogen carrier and can be synthesised from renewable sources. Considered a promising hydrogen carrier owing to its high hydrogen content, it also has an established distribution network and the ability to be liquefied at -33C, whereas storage in cryogenic tanks requires a temperature of -253C.

In addition, its strong, characteristic smell is useful for identifying leaks.

“Ammonia, which consists of hydrogen and nitrogen, is a highly efficient hydrogen carrier and can be directly combusted as a carbon neutral fuel, thereby contributing to the establishment of a robust hydrogen value chain,” commented Osamu Ono, Managing Director, MHI-AP.

“At MHI, we believe that ammonia and hydrogen are key fuels that can help countries meet their Net Zero goals,” added Osamu.

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