Iwantani celebrates 90 years of business

Iwantani celebrates 90 years of business

Last year Iwantani completed their 90th year of business, making 2021 the start of a ten-year countdown to their 100th anniversary, the Gas Review reports.

“First, we want to secure a solid completion of the current fiscal year. At the same time, we plan to materialise and visualise strategies for fiscal 2021 onward and announce them as our next medium-term management plan when financial results are announced in May,” said Hiroshi Majima, President of Iwatani.

“With our eyes firmly on 2030, we want to present a specific image of what our company will be like when we welcome our 100th anniversary. To achieve that, we will clearly specify what we must achieve in the first three years.”

So, what businesses will Iwatani develop over the next ten years?

Undoubtedly one of them will be to strengthen hydrogen energy business aimed at creating a carbon-free society, the Gas Review reports.

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