India: A call to arms in oxygen supply and distribution

India: A call to arms in oxygen supply and distribution

Just weeks ago, we saw the positive announcement of eight new ASUs to be constructed in India, and now this – restrictions imposed on the supply chain to prioritise medical applications.

Those ASUs – and many others expected across the country – couldn’t come soon enough. But is oxygen production capacity that really the story here?

This is very much a logistical challenge. Just short of ringfencing supply, it’s a case of prioritising as much oxygen as possible for medical purposes an getting it to those hotspots, as the long and arduous fight against Covid continues.

It’s a dire situation the country finds itself in, another regional victim of a virus that seemingly knows no bounds and strikes with renewed vigour with every new variant that emerges.

AIIGMA has more than played its part yet again, I understand, with all members ‘scrambling hard’ to get the supplies so desperately required – and many going that extra mile for free, I’m told.

It was only 12 months ago, of course, we were writing about the association’s pivotal role in pushing through temporary legislation that enabled all manufacturers of industrial oxygen in the country to obtain a license to sell the product for medical use within 24 hours of their application being received.

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