Connecting the world with telemetry

Connecting the world with telemetry

Telemetry is a hot topic these days and a reflection of the booming IOT (Internet of Things) world taking place across all industries. As device manufacturing costs continue to decline, and data communication methods become more reliable and ubiquitous, telemetry devices are finding their way onto an increasing variety of assets from high pressure cylinders, manifolds, bulk tanks, to tube trailers and more.

Supplied by a talented number of leading telemetry providers such as Anova, Wise Telemetry, Cyl-Tec, Ratermann Manufacturing, and others these intelligent devices measure and monitor the pressure inside containers using a pressure transducer and a communication device that periodically transmits data readings to centralized cloud repositories using a variety of communication methods. These data streams can then be utilized by software providers to help distributors make smarter service and logistical decisions.

Use data to reduce operating costs

Data generated by telemetry devices is just as valuable as the contents inside the container. To unlock its value, software systems and leading data analytic tools can play an important role by helping distributors integrate vast streams of telemetry data into their business systems for analysis and processing in a manner that can help streamline and optimize delivery operations and forecast usage rate variability with greater accuracy. As a simple example, using a telemetry device to remotely monitor and log container content levels takes the guess work out of forecasting when it will reach a reordering point. When the reorder point is reached, a resupply order can be created and

scheduled for delivery without any customer intervention or manual data entry. Telemetry devices can also be used to proactively monitor container maintenance to mitigate the economic cost of unplanned downtime or send out alerts when disruptions in flow happen. These are just a few examples how telemetry data can be utilized to proactively service the customer and drive down operating costs.

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