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Content led advertising

gasworld Asia-Pacific puts the users interest front and centre. Users of the site will have personalised news feeds, as they have the option to tailor what they see by selecting the regions and topics they’re most interested in.

As an advertiser, you’ll be given the option to display your advert in the topic categories best suited to your business. This means, your adverts will be seen by a much more concentrated audience, as your business will be directly relevant to the user’s preferences, which will give you a higher conversion rate.

This topic-focused advertising strengthens your engagement and boosts performance.

Let our readers choose you


The region that gasworld Asia-Pacific serves is host to two of the biggest industrial gas markets in the world: China and Japan. Reach out to our audience of key players in the industrial gas sector when you secure a topic-focused advert.


gasworld Asia-Pacific is a brand-new content led platform that takes an in-depth look into the industrial gas market in this fast growing and dynamic region. Members can personalise their newsfeed to reflect the themes and headlines they’re interested in, allowing them to get the most out of our news.


Reaching an audience that is actively interested in your business sector means that you’re zeroing in on your target market – your potential customers. By selecting advertising with gasworld Asia-Pacific, you’re putting your business in the perfect position to achieve optimum advert performance.

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